What’s computer consulting?

Computer consulting is a process by which a company specialized in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) advises other companies on how to implement new technologies on the market to increase their productivity and improve their internal processes.

Computer consulting service is especially useful in the case of companies that have grown very fast, and whose structure and complexity have exceeded the capabilities of the computer systems and applications
used so far.

It is also essential for companies whose sector has evolved technically, and which have lagged behind their competitors, for young companies that miss standard internal processes, and for companies that have very
high computer security requirements because they develop intellectual property and manage data and sensitive information.

A well-planned and executed computer consulting service allows the best technical options to be implemented in these companies at the level of computer networks, equipment, applications and telecommunications, which increase the productivity of employees and managers, which facilitate their individual and team work, and that drive the growth of the company and its digital transformation

Our Computer Consulting Methodology

At Kiralia we carry out custom IT consulting projects. We review and analyze the IT infrastructure used by our clients, the main tools and applications they use, their communication systems and equipment, and we propose the best technical solutions that are adapted to their needs and the way they work.

At K-DiagnosTic there are three main tasks to develop:

Key ideas:

  • Risk detection (perhaps hidden) by the business
  • Optimization of existing resources (and/or renewal of obsolete ones)
  • Savings in IT
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Uncontrolled backups or expired maintenance of critical equipment are more frequent cases than you think. With K-DiagnosTIC we identify these risks and propose solutions.
Casos reales
Standard products not made for your business 90%
Outsourcing of IT products 90%
Obsolete Hardware & Software 70%
Slow processes 50%