IT outsourcing services

Benefits for your company

IT outsourcing services consist of the participation of an independent company that is in charge of resolving matters related to IT issues of a company. At present, this department has acquired a transversal character, which is why this practice is very common in businesses in all sectors.

The term Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the outsourcing of certain departments without modifying or altering the daily operation of the company.

In the case of IT outsourcing, its use depends on the needs of each organization. This can be partial, commissioning specific services such as the development or maintenance of systems, or complete, leaving the work of information technology services in the hands of others.

The application of this process offers, in this way, a customer service without which the company could not offer or at least not with such specialization. This practice therefore promotes the improvement and flexibility of the service offered.


LThe advantages of this IT outsourcing are varied and always bring benefits for both parties.

At Kiralia we are committed to development and we work every day to offer better services and become a great business partner. For this, we offer services with an external technology department that can benefit  our clients. Let’s talk about outsourcing your IT department.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of our services are the following:

Computer Maintenance

Social and economic profitability

  • Human cost reduction. By reducing the organizational structure, relative costs such as payroll, social security, material or equipment of the people who would be in charge of carrying out said work are reduced.
  • Optimization of economic resources: Using an external department, the company invests only in what is strictly necessary, reserving  financial resources for what it considers essential. In this way, fixed costs become variable.

Greater efficiency and specialization

    • Provision of a team of professionals. When a company orders a specific service from an external provider, it has specialists in the field in charge of carrying out the work entrusted. This mechanism
      implies improvements in the business by being able to select the most qualified option and the possibility of having access to advanced technology systems.
    • Increased Efficiency and Reduced Risk. An external company offers a level of experience and expertise that a company department would find more difficult to reach. This service provides greater security against a possible investment.
    • Time saving: All of the above benefits inevitably mean a reduction in the time it takes to satisfy the
      required service.