1. Reduce the risks in your business. A complete monitoring of your network allows you to identify the small
    problems that arise and repair them before they turn into something more serious

  1. Convert your network into a stable and secure system. The day-to-day life of most companies depends
    on the correct functioning of computer systems. With a proactive service, technicians carry out constant
    monitoring of the networks, reducing the number of interruptions and making the network more stable.

  1. Optimize the economic resources of your company. At first, a proactive service may seem more
    expensive than a reactive service, but anticipating the problem can prevent computer disasters that can really
    raise our bill. In addition, a failure in computer systems can directly interfere with the work of employees,
    preventing it from being carried out, and directly affecting productivity.

  1. Greater speed and effectiveness. Through such a proactive service, the technical team can anticipate
    errors or problems and program proven solutions for common failures, resulting in faster and more effective


At Kiralia, we carry out a scheduled and documented maintenance service in different phases:

  • ANALYSIS. We begin with a detailed analysis of the current IT work environment of the company and we carry out a report of the different problems in which some type of improvement action must be carried out.
  • STABILIZATION OF SYSTEMS. We carry out initial maintenance in order to provide the company’s computer systems with greater stability.
  • MAINTENANCE . We offer maintenance and monitoring specially adapted to the needs of the company.

  • SECURITY. Administration and application of the best security and backup practices in the industry.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION. Identification, reporting and resolution of critical problems in real time to keep your company’s infrastructure optimized..
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